Thursday, January 12, 2012

Who would teach them anyway?

Ever paused for a moment to think who would actually teach mannerisms to the blue-collared folks around?  We went to school, finished graduation,even attended courses for developing soft skills and grooming sessions, but what about these 'under privileged' ones?

My personal opinion is that since these folks are at the lower end of the social strata, they look up to the ones above them to learn mannerisms, civic sense, kindness and politeness among a lot of other things. Hence, I strongly believe that we should be gentle and treat these people with respect and politeness.
It's so very often that we see so called 'white-collared' folks talk to such people in a rude tone, ignore them and even abuse them. This is not only true with such 'elite' adults but even their kids, which is just awful for educated kids of educated parents!

If this continues, how would that section of the society which includes janitors, security guards, drivers, toll collection agents and so on that we see in our everyday life ever improve in a developing country like ours? Would it be fair for us to expect them to improve their behavior when we are ourselves tainted?

So, the next time we talk to such folks let us make sure we are gentle and polite enough. As they say, 2 words of kindness wouldn't surely do any harm to anyone. That is the least amount of social responsibility we can  ever carry out.