Monday, January 16, 2012


I  HOPE the weekend doesn't end so soon,
I  HOPE the Sun doesn't take over the Moon,

I  HOPE I achieve my dream some day,
I  HOPE to do it, come what may,

I  HOPE I keep writing this,
I  HOPE this blog doesn't end up as "Ignorance is bliss" :-)

Ok, on a serious note...
I am not at all a movie buff, but on some very strong recommendations over and over again, saw this movie -'The Shawshank Redemption' a few weeks back. It shows a man's determination, courage, mental acumen and most importantly HOPE to get himself out of a sentence he's serving because of circumstantial evidences going against him.

I would say this is a MUST WATCH movie for anyone and everyone. Apart from being truly entertaining in its script, it throws around some very good dialogues, has some very good actors (Morgan Freeman being my favorite in the movie) and also carries a message.

Do watch it when you get a chance, sure the movie would keep you clinged right till the end.

I HOPE you really do watch the movie, and this space again :-)


  1. Hey buddy
    nice one. The movie is one of my favorites and did inspire me a lot the first time I saw it (almost 10 yrs ago)...
    Nice modification of Andy Dufresne' dialogue.

  2. This movie is one of my all time favourite!! After reading this post, I think I am gonna watch it soon again :)