Friday, January 27, 2012

What's the "once in a lifetime" offer from Volkswagen?

This new Volkswagen commercial caught my attention recently, and I got very curious about WTH is the "Once in a lifetime" offer.

I kept wondering whether it's a big discount, or a B-O-G-O-F (Buy One Get One Free) offer, or if it's a limited edition model made by Volkswagen and the possibilities of my imagination were endless ;-)

Apparently, the punch line "once in a lifetime offer" does its job perfectly of attracting prospective customers to the showroom. As for yours truly, he was nowhere planning to buy one nor willing to spend time to visit the showroom just to find WTH was the offer.

Eventually, I watched the commercial once again (thanks to Youtube), did some Googling and got the answer.
If you see and understand the commercial, you'd realize that the Persian gentleman loves his car so much that he cannot bear any dirt, dust or dropping on his car. The gentleman eventually passes away, and comes back by 'travelling a lifetime' to take care of the car in the form of his grandson.
And voila - the "once in a lifetime offer" now makes some sense... you own it once in a lifetime but keep coming back to it time and again.

Personally, I liked the campaign because it does its job very well without hiring any of the expensive brand ambassadors. Don't believe me? Ask someone who is planning to buy a hatchback, and chances of him/her having called up Volkswagen are very high.

Take a bow Volkswagen for that punch line!

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