Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At least some blessing in disguise...

It was one of the worst mornings Pune had ever faced for quite some time. A bus driver, either out of some mental illness or wanting to vent out some frustration, went on a rampage playing a juggernaut behind the wheels, mowing down almost everyone and everything that came in his way.
The causalities being 9 precious lives lost, dozens seriously injured and not to forget the traffic chaos around the city areas where the incident happened, resulting in scores of people losing precious time of their which is a national loss.

Thankfully though, the driver was a local. One can just cannot imagine how the issue would have snowballed if the driver was from some other part of the country. Almost everyone knows of at least one political party which is hypocritically against non-locals progressing in this part of the country no matter their merit.
The non-local cab and bus drivers around Pune and Mumbai must be really thanking their stars that this incident was due to anyone amongst them. There could have been more rampages and possible riots too, to follow.

Sadly, a lot of individuals amongst us support the party and its agenda. I know I run the risk of triggering a controversy or probably losing some friends(?) but then if they can hold a strong opinion FOR that party, it is fair for me as well to hold a STRONG opinion AGAINST it!

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