Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mom, why do they switch off aircraft cabin lights during take off and landing?

I was on a flight last week, and as it goes with my inquisitive nature about anything on wheels, I kept wondering about a lot of things around me like how does the movement of wings affect the flight, why do flight attendants request passengers to pull up the window shutters, why are the cabin lights switched off during take off and landing.

Once home, I googled it up and found the answers.

As for the cabin lights being switched off, from some amount of reading around it's apparent that those are done because emergency situations are more likely to occur during landing and take off.
In case the worst happens, they want our eyes to be already adjusted to the darkness around us (on a night flight) instead of passengers trying to pave their way through pitch darkness that surrounds ones eyes if there is a sudden transition of the intensity of light.

Found it to be one of the noble precautions that the aviation industry takes to give us safer yet comfortable in-flight experience...

I will try to write about answers to my other inquisitive thoughts about an aircraft in some other post.

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