Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spouse code-review :)

Heard of code reviews in the form of peer review, manager review, architect review, but I recently leveraged and probably innovated a better form of it.

I was at home, trying to resolve a critical issue at midnight. It did need some algorithmic changes and, with my tired mind, I knew I would blow up at least a couple of scenarios.
So, faced with this situation, I just looped in my ever cooperative wifey (she does follow this blog, so you know I have to use nice words :P).

Sitting down with her, she understood the scenario in a jiffy. And then we went through the loops covering almost all possible scenarios and voila, I had indeed missed a more than a couple of scenarios.
With no existing unit-tests sadly in place for this code, the review certainly helped. We spent about 40 minutes on this, and we had put together an flawless piece of code.

Thanks wifey, you were the technical savior that night!

Must I say now, code review begins at home?


  1. Excellent example of Leveraged..... most of the husbands miss out on...

    1. Thanks Archana. Yeah that is the best I could do at that time to get in-house help :)
      Glad to know you enjoyed reading the post!

  2. Awwwwwwwww. So sweet <3

  3. hmmmm. I guess, I know whom to talk too in your absence for a solution :)

  4. This is the best way to make sure that 'all' the coding mistakes are caught!!

  5. When you join a start-up, you are signing up the whole family. Read the fine prints in your employment contract. I sometime bounce off my son for product ideas. He is a teenager on steroids and has lots of opinions on everything :-)

  6. I read this as: no code reviews, no architecture reviews, no unit tests ... actually all bring you closer to those you love.

    So as your Chief Architect I can now safely say I'm squarely in the way of your happiness both at work and at home.



  7. Now you know why she is your better half:-)