Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Travelogue - Bhuleshwar near Pune

It was quite some time, we had been on an outing over a weekend. Most of the time, weekends are kept aside, just like almost every working couple does, to run errands, stock up groceries, browsing and occasionally  watching an odd movie from the pile of downloaded movies.
Bhuleshwar TempleRoad off Yavat

Browsing for places to visit around pune for the 139th time, I had very less hope that I would get an unexplored place to visit, till I came across a place 'Bhuleshwar' - It's an old temple on top of a hill about 8Kms off Yavat on Pune-Solapur highway.

The holy 'Shiv Ling'

The place also has a mention on this page of Wikipedia. It is about 60 Kms from Pune and a decent place to capture some nice pictures of mother nature, be in a serene surroundings, away from the noise and rush of the city. More importantly, not being too far, it can be done in half a day leaving time for the activities I mentioned earlier.

Post the trip, someone told me it's even nicer during the monsoon when a wide variety of birds can be seen... Probably, we would visit the place yet again.

Hope you like the pictures :)


  1. Nice pictures Sir.. I visited the temple, it has its own history..

  2. You never need to go to Bhuleshwar forehead as a devotee. You can go there as a informal tourist to rest in the overall relaxed around the mountain. You can take images anywhere in the forehead and for the pious, the priests also does archanas. places to visit in pune