Sunday, January 22, 2012

Engineering habits die hard!

Been a little less than a decade since I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering (actually, I feel old when I make that statement :-)). 
Coming to the point, some habits which got cultivated during those days out of either tight schedule or lackadaisical attitude during the beginning of semesters still have themselves clinged to me. 

There are at least a couple of them which I can relate to...
Firstly, procrastinating things right till the time either it's too late or till it's right there on the edge of the cliff. I still do not submit my reimbursement proofs or don't pay my utility bills till it's the last day or even a day later :P. 
Probably, it goes well with the habit of having to submit assignments on the last day during semesters. I remember we were so occupied during the whole semester with either assignments or fun, that the only time to study was during the 15-21 days before the semester actually commenced.

Secondly, the habit of staying awake late nights - No engineer true to his salt would say he/she hasn't stayed up late nights during the 4 years :-) 
Having just killed time with friends or having professors kill us over assignments and submissions during the whole semester, there was no other option but to burn the midnight oil.
I can still never ever get up early, and would hate it really if someone makes me get up before the sun is at 30 degrees to the horizon! On the other hand, I can stay awake the whole night and beat someone hands down at that :-) (wow, what a proud feeling!) :P

And then of course there are a host of other good habits that engineering has helped inculcate too, will keep them for another post.

Cheers to the habits and folks with whom I spent some of the best years of my life!


  1. Dec last week I told my friend the last day for investment proof submission is 2nd Jan and I brought everything to office to later realise that its actually 2nd Feb....and you guessed it right.I still carry it back and forth to office.

    1. Good job Tanu, keep it up. If possible better it next time by bringing your proofs to office on 3rd Feb when the last day is 2nd Feb. That will be more thrill :)