Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are fridays accident prone?

Couple of incidents on consecutive Fridays...

A couple of weeks back, as I was driving along my regular route to work, my new pair of shoes slipped from the brake-pedal and before I could recover from it, I had banged the car in front. Knowing my fault, I parked my car aside, apologized to the driver of the car in front, who had gotten down too to assess the damage. Thankfully, it was a bumper-to-bumper bang and did not cause much damage. The gentleman was reasonable too, and after hearing my part of the story about shoe slip, did not make a big fuss out of it.

The very next Friday, again I was driving along my regular route, an old gentleman in his 70's probably poked out his car from the roadside parking lot to brush the rear door of my car. This time, I played the gentleman :-), got down from my car looked at the wrinkled face of the man, opened the folded rear-view mirrors of his car and requested him to use it further on...

The first incident continues to give me goose-bumps if I think about how worse the situation could have been, had I knocked down any pedestrian due to the slip or worst still, had I not been able to stop in time to avoid a bigger vehicle coming my way at a busy junction.

These incidents just make me wonder if Fridays are really accident prone. The reason being almost everyone who works for a 5-days-a-week job, is really excited on a Friday :-)
Need to check if there have been any studies made on this...

In any case, the next Friday was pretty much incident free, else I would have published a study myself :-)

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