Friday, February 3, 2012

The dream to drive a Volvo bus :-)

I was always fascinated by luxury buses plying on intercity trips in my childhood. Most of them had neatly done paint jobs on them, fancy tail-lights, apart from BIG external rear view mirrors to keep track of the extra large body length.

More recently, with the introduction of Volvo and Mercedes buses my love and fascination for these buses has further deepened :-) And it has been so much that, during my regular Pune-Mumbai trips earlier by Shivneri, I used to prefer the seat just behind the driver to get a direct view of the road, the control stalks around the driver and the of course the way they easily maneuver these mammoth machines.
I remember having spoken to a few of those neatly dressed drivers of private Volvo buses on a couple of occasions, just in hope that I would be offered a test drive some day :-)

The dream still remains to be fulfilled... certainly one of the TO-DO items in my life!


  1. All the best......may your dream become a reality,soon.

    I always wonder what the To Do list of my near and dear ones would I know at least one of yours.

    1. Nice blog post. I am also fascinated about Volvo and looking for a chance to drive it.