Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sir, would you mind having your house demolished to make way for a maidan?

Came across this interview of a prominent politician in Maharashtra, who is known for his linguistic political agenda since the last couple of years.
In the interview, he was talking about the lack of facilities for tax-payers wherein they don't have any playground (maidan) to have an evening walk or recreate. He was quick to blame the local authorities for not leaving any space for playgrounds.

I have one question for him.
Sir, do you mind having your own house demolished to make way for a playground in Mumbai? That would not only help a select few to actually breathe some nice air when they get time out of their busy lives, but would also serve as a nice 'playground' for couples to sit and get cozy after dusk.

Howzzat Mr.Hypocrite?

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