Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Realized that I have gotten so much attached and used to the jog-walk interval training each day After-A-Days-Work, that I find myself upset if I happen to miss it any day. Not just that, at times I even avoid catching up with friends or defer shopping for groceries just because I might happen to give the routine a miss on that evening.

This is quite a transformation from the situation about 2 months ago, when I just couldn't push myself out of the house to get moving. The secret to it has been just the courage and will power to get started, and once out of the comfort zone, it's now only about being with the flow each day...
Not just that, I know that once I take a break from this schedule, it'd be really difficult and painful to start all over again!

Ok now am a regular blogger, regular jogger, regular coder (it's my job!)... lets see what's next...

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