Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snobs amongst us!

I was at the Pune-Mumbai expressway petrol station @ Talegaon a few hours back.
Noticed that people did not even have courtesy to thank the guy who bends over 4 times per car, and probably a 1000 times per day, to fill air in the tires. If not the 2 words of kindness, they did not even bother to roll down the windows of the car to give a thanking smile.

Why do some people carry so much of attitude when they deal with such folks who are so very hard working and inherent part of the society? And the same folks get down on their knees when they come to the corporate world and deal with their seniors... such a shame!

If WE are not COURTEOUS towards such people, how would they get to learn mannerisms?


  1. Sad,but true!
    See such behaviour all the time.It really does not take much to show kindness and share a smile but most people could not care less.

    BTW I liked the way you linked this blog to one of your earlier ones....want to learn how.Very apt!

    1. thank you :-) Ping me on FB, I will tell you how :-)

  2. Well said Shreyas, that's the harsh reality. Especially true here because people judge you by your dress, car, caste everything but your true intentions. Atleast the person is striving to earn for his living in a righteous manner unlike the ones who feel any and every means is ok so long as you reach your destination.

    But I feel ‘there is always dignity in labour’ that's what keeps the person going in life least bothered about the ungrateful souls.

    1. Bang on target Tanu... that's a sad state we live in. Dignity of labour is talked of in our country only when we praise the western countries. Otherwise it is just one the many things we carry in the our garbage heap of our minds.

      Till we actually look at all sections of society with respect and empathy, it is very difficult for us to emerge into a developed nation going ahead. Surely, that is one of the big barriers we have - our outlook!