Friday, March 16, 2012

Why make a remake?

Watched the new(?) Agneepath over the last weekend, and found it just annoying and nowhere close to the original one. Hrithik seemed nowhere close to how BigB had enacted in the original one, the story line was just the same without any twist to keep me engrossed or entertained.
In fact, I would say the original version had a much superior screenplay especially during the climax when BigB walks through fire as bombs are hurled in his path, and that too during a time when technology was not as much a part of Bollywood as it is today.

The character of Mithun ('Krishnan Iyer M.A, NarialPaaniwala') who added a nice tinge of humor to the original movie is badly missed, and to me this remake just seemed to be an futile attempt at cashing in on 2 things - 1) Hrithik's fan following and 2) The fact that a lot of the current movie going lot hasn't watched the original classic.

Yes, I know am too late to write this, now that the movie has already moved out of most cinema houses, but then am not a movie buff to watch remakes on the first day/week/month of the release!

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