Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When tables turn around - from being an interviewer to an interviewee

Have been taking technical interviews for quite some time now in my career. It started at the company where I spent a major chunk of my career so far, in between some excellently talented folks.
It was fun, and also a learning experience to visit engineering college campus placements, interacting with the placement heads there, getting some respect (after all we were there to recruit their folks :-) ), eating some good lunches and of course getting to evaluate to-be graduates.

And it has been almost the same experience while interviewing experienced candidates. The discussions are probably more interesting and mature (than fresh grads), and makes me learn a thing or two each time too :-)

So here am I, have been taking interviews for at least the last 5 years, and easily interviewed at least a 100 candidates if I make a rough estimate.

Given all that, the other day when I had to appear for an interview myself with a client, incidentally for whom I carry out interviews too, it seemed a difficult mountain to climb when I was first told about it. I was confident as well as a bit nervous, I was sure and yet a bit unsure...
What probably caused me more stress was the apprehensiveness about the possibility of flunking it and losing all my confidence of even interviewing future candidates for the same client :-)

Thankfully, it turned out good and I am through :-)

Still, a lesson learnt - No matter how good you are at questioning and evaluating, it's all together a different mental ball game when being questioned, grilled and evaluated.


  1. Yes...been long time for me too but going to campus and meeting new grads is really very refreshing.Preparing for an interview is an all together different ball game.It also provokes you to introspect and set your priorities; especially while anticipating questions and preparing for answers.Buck fever...can't escape:-)

  2. Still remember the day when you interviewed me when I was a fresher and today I am interviewing people! Will always remember on question of yours that you asked me : "12 hours later if I go out it will be dark or sunshine ??? "

    1. Hahaha... oh yes, I rememeber that question, and am glad you remember that I interviewed you :)
      Well, the question was something like 'would there be sunshine 36 hours from noon' :)