Friday, March 23, 2012

'Healthily Unwealthy'

Had some good sizzlers yesterday for dinner along with some good friends and poor jokes as 'side-dishes'.
Though the Sizzlers that we ordered were good for health, rather relatively better than other options while eating out, the check that came by wasn't correspondingly good for wealth.

Just made me wonder if there is a term like 'Healthily Unwealthy' or may be 'Unwealthily healthy' which means something is good for your health, but not so good for your wealth.

If something bad for your health is unhealthy, why can't something bad for your wealth be coined as 'unwealthy'? :-)


  1. One important thing to remember is Health is Wealth!! So whatever you loose on wealth gets converted in Health!! As per Newton's law of conservation of Wealth.
    Wealth cannot be created or can be destroyed, it can be converted from one form to another form (Health).

    1. Thanks for the humoroScientific tip dude ;)

  2. The more important point here is that you had a good time! You can always afford some good times :)