Friday, March 16, 2012

I know, but still I don't know!

It has happened more than a couple of times with me, and it continues to!
Every now and then, when I think am getting into some kinda messy situation, someone just like a messiah comes and gives me a piece of advice, which seems just logical and right to do at the moment.

A fast friend just gave that to me today and voila`, it worked!
I am no more thinking about what I was thinking... and I realize that there are somethings you have to just take in your stride and move on. Unimportant things which bother you, if thought about too much, can just lead to negativity and frustration, just ignore them!

Simple fundas of life - some of which I know, but still I don't seem to know :)

My dear friend, you are wonderful, thanks for giving me that talk - you have done it, once again!

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