Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Mann ka Radio" please!!

The only time I tune in to the FM radio channels is when I drive to office, and that too just because I am too lazy to burn more than a couple CDs of my favorite songs :-)

The RJs are more often than not decent too, they speak well in all the 3 languages. However, of late I have noticed that they also advertise a particular brand of car, cement, blood sugar monitor device etc. How good is that?

I would not want to (and so would most of the population) listen to all such advertisements from the RJs themselves. For ads, there are the ad slots in between the good numbers. The job of an RJ (I believe)is to praise a good number, remind us of some good old numbers, play some apt songs at that time of the day, give us some useful information about happenings around, talk to the listeners and the list goes on..
But, please do not make me hear your banter praising some brand, which you might not have used yourself. I know where to go and search, when I need to know about which car, apartment, apparel and underwear is really good!

So, please "Mann ka radio, bajjne do jara..."

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