Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's not about your brakes...

This happened about a couple of weeks back, while I was driving one of the arterial roads of Pune. The sedan in front of me braked suddenly, so did I with the 'power assisted Vacuum front disc brakes' on my Wagon-R. However the six-seater behind me, couldn't brake in time (probably he was never educated about keeping safe distance) and THUD! I got a nice jerk on my back, and my car got a nice dent on its back.

Claimed insurance, Maruti Sai-Service, Pune did a neat job of getting the repair done in just 2 days. The Fix? The boot door was replaced, so was the rear bumper.

Now the costs incurred ..
To the insurance company - Rs.19.3K
To the car owner - Rs. 3.7K

Now you know, it's not about YOUR brakes, it's about the brakes of the vehicle behind you!

(Photo courtesy: My Nokia-3110c :-) )

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