Sunday, January 11, 2015

Amazing Amazon

Recently happened to order this handset from Amazon for the home phone. When it arrived, found that the RJ14 cord is hard-wired into the handset, that is it cannot be detached from the handset. It also meant that I couldn't use my own wire which was plugged into a wall port, about 10 feet away.

What next? I just used the Amazon return/replace feature, chose the reason as 'Description incorrect on website', and was waiting for the next page to provide me details about the logistics to return the item (they usually pick it up for free, for Amazon Prime customers).

But, I was in for surprise! :D
The next page  gave me message about the refund being processed, and mentioned to my delight that there was no need to return the item!
Probably, it was an intelligent analytics engine that kicked in, found that the total cost of returning the item and the priceless customer's agony to the whole process for a reason which was reportedly their own mistake, was a lot more than the original cost of the merchandise itself - ~$9.

Isn't that amazing? No wonder Amazon continues to amaze and grow, even after scaling great heights already. The customer and his/her time is not taken for granted, PERIOD!

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