Saturday, January 19, 2013

Running pride

Been over a month now since I got back to my early morning jog.
It was tough to revive because of the chilly winter mornings here in Pune. But am on the track now for almost 4 days in a week easily. And I am already eating the fruits of the efforts.
Here are some motivations I have to get out of the laziness shell each morning....
1. Gives me an immense sense of pride because am the only one I see running around in the early morning chill. Do you need a better reason than pride ever?
2. When I started, it was hard to jog even 200m before running out of steam. And now I can jog almost 1.2 kms before I run out of steam for a while, and again jog a little. And certainly I don't want to 'reset to factory settings' ... If you get what I mean!
3. I have started making some new acquaintances around ... From an overweight sardar in his 40s walking with a music player in his hand to a humble security guard from a nearby apartment with whom I share pleasantries. It feels nice to connect to strangers... Probably goes well with the loquacious me :)
4. The last couple of weeks at work have been awesome... Having a big share of the problem solving pie, with some simple yet thoughtful ideas has definitely showed me that I can think better and come up with fresh ideas with the early morning pumping up of the blood vessels :)
And lastly I have gotten 'My tracks' on my droid which records and gives me some stats of my run. So it tells and pushes me to do better each day.
Anyone wanting some free counselling on getting hooked on to this wonderful, smart, effective and yet free fitness routine, feel free to drop a note. I will be happy to help.


  1. Hey nice to see a post about a simple fitness routine..
    I had my own cycling routine in late 2012 which lost its way a little in 2013.. This post inspires me to get back on that and write about it.

    1. Thank you Vishal. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Good luck with your cycling routine, I wish you luck to get back on track :-)

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