Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall - Why don't you proof-read?

This 2nd page news in the tabloid - Pune Mirror caught my eye on a lazy sunday morning... And I started pondering on the reasons why they do not 'proof-read' their content before publishing...
(Taken at f/5.6, ISO-200 and 1/180 speed with kit lens - 14-42mm)
Probable Reason#1:
Seems like they have forgotten the age old concept of proof-reading in this new technologically advanced era

Probable Reason#2:
The person proof-reading, recently got fired due to slumping sales of the tabloid and consequent cost cutting.

Probable Reason#3: 
Their intention is indeed noble, they want lazy bums like me not to be too lazy on a lazy sunday morning. They want to help us get out of the laziness cocoon, and write this post.

Probable Reason#4:
Another noble intention - to help make better photographers for tomorrow, by making them jump out of the bed, and head straight to get the camera and shoot a "classic" like this one...

So what reason is it, please tell us Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

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