Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's in the name?

As I start re-posting to this blog, many who read might want to know why the name - GrowWithJava, when I'd be blogging just about anything.

Well, for starters, I'm a Java Developer (now a team/tech lead though by designation) and that is rooted in my fascination and love for the programming language. And also, the fact that I have actually Grown (technically, socially, professionally, personally etc etc) with Java is the reason. Apart from giving me my bread and butter, it has also seen me through some tough times, helping me digress away from a few nasty twists of life...

Java apart, to know me better, you should also know that I love long drives in my small Wagon, spending time with my family, watching NatGeo, humorous movies, cracking "sweet" jokes and recently developed some love for photography - thanks to a new DSLR gifted by my bro :)

That's it I guess before I start praising myself on where I started and to what(and how) I've grown with Java :)

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