Sunday, January 11, 2015

It happens NOT only in India...

... this should be something new ahem!
Well, before coming to this mightily capitalist country, I had notions about it which kind of made me to assume a few things.
One of the things I assumed was that it's only in India and its sub-continent countries where people shun off their daily routine and business to watch an exciting game of Cricket.

I had a a hard labor job to offer today for un/loading of certain furniture items into a truck and then carrying them to my apartment.
It turned out that I had the feeling of what I can probably term 'negative Deja Vu'. At least a couple of guys I had a tryst with for this job either rejected or deferred the job after the Patriot's match of Football was through.
Indeed it happens NOT only in India!

On second thoughts, with such passion for the game, wonder if I should have fancied my chances to bet with them about the game results to do my job at a discounted rate, or even free! Probably next time...

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